What is Hakhoning


We make the real authentic "hakhoning" (chopped honey) according to a  medieval secret recipe. Back then it was called also Chesthoney or "Chunks of Vosges". In the Middle Ages it was known as medication for colds and coughs, sore throat, laryngitis and all sorts of other respiratory diseases. Hakhoning is a centuries-old delicacy. It was originally made by monks in an Abbey in France. Abdij Sainte/Marie de Fontfroide. At this Abbey the monks kept bees and the honey was used to make hakhoning, which is also known as ' Vosges ' chunks.

In 1847 the recipe came to Belgium. By family of the Belgium makers, the hakhoning recipe came to The Netherlands.

Now we will continue the making of this unique product.


Our hakhoning is traditionally made with pure honey from local beekeepers. We use 100% natural herbs!

No allergens or preservatives gluten and lactose free




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